Blinds Dry Cleaning

As we know there is going to change the all field of fashion day by day, the same change we could see the WINDOW FASHIONS. In today
era mostly companies and importers are working in this field. As we know DECK BLINDS-MAC BLIND-MARVEL BLINDS-VISTA BLINDS-HUNTER
DOUGLAS BLINDS-D Decor BLINDS-LUTRON BLINDS in Indian market. They companies having own model of blind some very sensitive and
costly motorized and manual blinds. There bracket installation motorization and programming style is different. But when we
are going to DRY CLEANING THE BLINDS, the dry cleaner person must have the knowledge dismantling installation and programming
this is Ist step. Second thing every model of BLINDS dry cleaning way is different.

We are expertise in the BLINDS DRY CLEANING field, as it Vertical Blind Roller Blind etc. We have all Blinds expertise person
dismantling installation and motorized programming.